energy saving using awnings

A natural way to help shade and cool your home or business


Helps cut costs on your energy bills, since awning fabric doesn't trap heat and moisture you could see as much as up to 25% savings on your air conditioning bill


Fact air conditioners run more efficiently when coupled with awnings


A low maintenance addition to your home or business as well as being a customized timeless investment


Reduces amount of heat that comes through glass windows, windows are responsible for allowing 48% of solar heat into your home or business, that is almost half of your heat battle!


The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers show that an awning can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent on southern windows, and on western windows up 72 to 77 percent in the summer season.


Can help lower your temperature indoors anywhere between 8 to 15 degrees, helping your air conditioning be more effective


Allows you to enjoy & entertain outside while being in the comfort of the shade on top of giving you excellent UV protection on the sunniest days


Awnings will also help protect your indoor furniture and art from the sun's UV rays that may cause fading  


Awnings can help with sun and rain damage to windows and doors


They look great, can be customized to fit your personal style all while serving a functional purpose


Summer through winter awnings have a way of serving your needs


Awnings can help personalize and promote your business store front


If you already have an existing awning that is need of help, give us a call and we can recover it for you


Having a shade structure type awning can help protect your wood deck from warping, and protect you and your family on rainy days too



Storing your boat with a customized boat cover will keep unwanted sap, leaves, and water spots off of your beautiful exterior paint, in addition to protecting your interior from fading while it is patiently waiting for another run on the water  


Not to mention customized boat covers and bimini tops accentuate your boat's personal paint job, making your boat look even better (add in old boat pic)


Cover your kids play area give them the protection from the sun, it also helps the metal parts from reaching scorching temperatures too!


The Skin Cancer Foundation has given                    , brand fabrics its "Seal of Recommendation"  


After passing The Skin Cancer Foundaton's rigorous testing, Dickson fabrics have been proven to provide up to 98% protection from the sun's harmful rays when it used in a shade structure


As you can see the possibilities are endless depending on size, budget, and personal needs so we can keep you "covered"





Energy saving with awnings